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About Us

My passion for photography started young when I realized I preferred to be behind the camera rather than in front. My nickname for the longest time was "Goldfish" due to having the memory of one; photography for me was always a way to remember. Anyone who knows me remembers the countless animals I grew up with and how much I loved each of them and how different they all were. I was often made fun of in school for being that crazy horse girl and one day I realized that it wasn't so crazy. I found a way to show the world how majestic these animals are and why they were important to me. Whether you like horses or not, when you are around them they fill you with a sense of calm. Personally, I can always use more calmness in my life. I want to know what moves you so I can help you express that through my lens.

But enough about me, we all know life is more fun with someone to share it with. I would like to introduce you to my husband Arty. We met in 2012 and whether we knew it or not we fell in love immediately. We found out early in our relationship we both have a passion for photography and work really well together. We shared in that love through our travels around the world, meeting new people and capturing memories along the way. One of the special things about Arty is that he is always there to lend a hand and knows how to control the creative side in me. He can make happen what I see in my head before the words come out of my mouth. I love this man so much and I am so lucky to be able to bring him on this journey with me. I don't even need to bribe him to come to photoshoots, but Oreos help! Arty may or may not join on my fur photography, however, for your sanity he joins me on all family sessions.

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