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Sadie and the horses

My cousin shared the greatest gift in the world with me... horses. My dream is to share that gift with people around me. I found a place that makes me happy, calm, frustrated, scared, and alive. I love being around them and letting go of anything else I think matters. I love being able to just breathe and relax while still being challenged. Horses are a reflection of who you are and how you are feeling in that very moment. They do not live in the past and they do not live in the future but instead they teach us how to live in the present. They are not holding on to how upset you were last time you rode and they do not stay mad at you. They are only thinking of how absolutely terrifying the rock is in front of them in that moment and how there are probably goblins under that grass pile. Bringing my niece out to the horses was amazing. She didn't cry, she wasn't afraid, she loved to let them smell her and loved just petting them. I am happy to be bringing Sadie into this crazy horse world and hope she keeps wanting to come out and share it with me.

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