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Annalee and Jesse's Mexico Wedding!

Congratulations to Annalee and Jesse on an amazing day!!

We were so excited to be invited down to Mexico to capture this special celebration.

The days before were hot. I mean HOT! This would cause little rain storms here and there, but mainly I was worried about too much heat for them on their big day. Luckily it was a perfect day that started off with the clouds warning of a storm but they perfectly just covered and created an amazing temperature and perfect setting.

It was a beautiful wedding on the beach accompanied by their friends and family, how could you ask for anything better! I love destination weddings because it shows how much love friends and family have for Annalee and Jesse and wanted to share this special occasion with them. No matter where. It was a relaxed magical day filled with love and thank you again for having us be a part of it!


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