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Jayme and Sean's Wedding!

Congratulations to this wonderful couple and their new family!!

We are so grateful to have been part of Jayme and Sean's special day!

We are so grateful to be able to have witnessed the amount of love these two families have for each other. Not only did we witness the deep love for each other but a bond that would seem like they have been together forever. Watching their kids and themselves blend so nicely is truly amazing to see. They are such a fun, relaxed, loving, caring couple with so much joy to bring to each other.

The wedding was held out at their acreage and the whole day went smoothly. The farm was a perfect setting with a wonderful set up contained with beautiful handmade details. It was a perfectly warm, sunny day which allowed people to mingle and mix out with the horses and puppies and enjoy the scenery around them. We had a ton of fun with them taking photos out by barns with their bridal party and getting to take wonderful photos of their passion while wandering the canola fields.

Although this was a tough day for the couple after a very recent loss, the amount of love from their friends and family was stunning. Everyone really helped bring him into the event and kept the day filled with joy and happiness. These two have truly found a match in each other and their happiness and joy was absolutely radiant.

We wish you guys all the best!!


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