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Mia's First Christmas

Puppy's first Christmas!!! What a fun idea. I loved it right away when Pei-Chi reached out to me. It is so much fun to watch your loved ones, including your fur babies, grow and change. I think capturing all of their moments is so special to look at now and later down the road. I regret not doing more photos of my dog Kita and will always promote getting as many photos as you can especially when they are still so new to your family.

The day we went out to do the photos is was a very cold -25 degrees. There was some debate on if we should cancel or not but we decided to go ahead and make it a quick and memorable experience. The weather didn't deter anyone from having fun in the snow!! We just had so much fun with Pei-Chi, Jesse and Mia, and loved how the photos turned out!

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