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Lauren and her boy!

Lauren and Bandit are an amazing team!! This was my first Equine Photo Shoot and I had a ton of fun practicing and figuring out what to do and I am so excited to continue learning and growing. Thank you to these two beautiful beings for being patient and fun! All bandit wanted to do was eat but we got him focused up for a bit and it lead me to want to continue to capture the bond between them.

Most of my friends know nothing about horses and know me as the crazy horse lady. I am taking that as a HUGE compliment because I realize how lucky I am to get to have these wonderful creatures in my life. I have experienced the partnership between rider and owner and I get to see a connection that a lot of people do not understand. I am excited to continue into the world of Equine Photography to hopefully share this bond with people who aren't in this world and get them to see what us "crazy horse ladies" get to experience everyday.


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