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Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is always an impossible thing to do. Animals have a way of speaking to our hearts like nobody else can and having to let them go is heart breaking. Deb did everything she possibly could to help Scooter's leg heal, knowing full well that still meant that he could never be ridden again. For well over a year she would try any option that was given and any opportunity to find a solution. She has so much love for her horses and this special horse was her baby. It was a very sad day for everyone at the barn knowing it was only getting worse and it was time to say goodbye. There is no easy way to go through this.

I went out to try to capture the bond they shared a couple of days before the appointment. He had love and spunk in his eyes and took the day to enjoy the grass, sun and company. We may be saying goodbye to Scooter but his energy, personality and love will live on forever in our hearts.


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