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Harmony and Cameron's Wedding!

I am so so so happy that Harmony asked us to be the photographers at her and Cameron's wedding! How cool is it to be able to not only attend, but be such a big part of my childhood best friend's wedding!! It was an amazing opportunity to see the life that she has built for herself, get to know Cameron and her little baby girl, Gracelyn. I am so grateful to have this amazing lady still in my life and that was so nice to be able to reconnect!

I was asked at one point during the wedding what is one word to describe Harmony... I couldn't think of just one! Strong, passionate, determined, dedicated, loving were the big ones that came to mind. Even though it has been so long since we have lived in the same city, and it is hard to stay connected, I could still tell that these words still fit her perfectly. After meeting Cameron I could tell right away that they are a perfect match. I am so happy that they are getting to spend the rest of their lives together.

Congratulations again Harmony and Cameron! We wish you the best in your future together!

Here are some favorites from the wedding!!


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