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Christmas Photo Time!!

We absolutely love doing Photo Shoots with this beautiful family! Robyn and Kyle are our cousins and have been giving us a fantastic experience with photography. They are constantly allowing us to follow them around from pregnancy photos to newborn photos to family photos. It is so much fun watching and capturing the dynamics of a family grow. We may be biased but Sadie is definitely a perfect and adorable girl with the biggest smiles so it is a perfect start, because really, how do you get a bad photo of them!

We are very excited for these photos we got for Christmas! We went just outside of Calgary into Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. It was a windy cold day and we only ended up spending about an hour in total outside. Surprisingly enough she kept her hood up and it was so much fun to keep Sadie smiling and laughing through all of it. Here she is 11 months old and growing so incredibly quick. I am excited for the next photo shoot with them!


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