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Sarah and Kyle's Wedding!!

We were extremely excited when Sarah and Kyle approached us to be photographers of their wedding. The first time we met them we could immediately see a connection between them. It was apparent that Sarah and Kyle are both extremely intelligent, considerate and have a great sense of humor. We were impressed at how laid back they both felt about their day, and how their priority was enjoying family and friends in a celebration.

They say that rain is good luck on a wedding day. Good thing for Sarah and Kyle because it rained pretty much most of the day. Despite the rain, their spirits were high and bright which shows through the moments we were able to capture. From beginning to end love filled each moment. From the love and laughter during the beautiful, intimate ceremony, to the heart filled speeches, the feeling of the greatest blessings for the couple rang high. It was held at the beautiful Sirocco golf course where the fantastic staff who were very accommodating and fast moving around the room. They managed to stick to the schedule regardless of the rain. The food was also absolutely divine. Their wedding planner, Angie, was also amazing at keeping everything smooth and stress-free. Even though we had to do most photos inside, which created its own challenges, we still had a lot of fun with the rainy windows and beautiful interior of the building. Twilight shone through at the end of the day after most of the festivities had concluded and everyone had started dancing, and we were fortunate enough to get a break in the clouds to capture some amazing photos outside. The pictures that came from this break in time were beautiful, along with the opportunity for the beautiful couple to take a few breaths as newlyweds.

Congrats again you two, it was a pleasure capturing your special day!!


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